1. Pendulum Wave

  2. prostheticknowledge:

    Error Message Screen

    Japanese Tumblr blog documenting public display errors in the country, from blue screen of deaths, Window operating system backgrounds to pop up notifications. Users can submit there findings to the blog.

    The errormessagescreen Tumblr blog can be found here

  3. asapscience:

    Woah. The sun from Mars. 

    Captured by NASA’s Mars Rover Spirit. The image is a false color composite, showing the sky similar to what a human would see, but with the colors slightly exaggerated.

    via Reddit


  4. the-netocrat:

    The freedom of thought is an interesting concept. Instead of being forced into certain ideas and being controlled into believing things, the philosopher John Stuart Mill proposes that for correct ideas to find their way into society, deviation from the norm is necessary. Unless society is…

  5. eidesis:

    maidsafe.net Privacy. Security. Freedom.

    (Source: dackdel)


  6. The Maker’s Bill of Rights

    • Meaningful and specific parts lists shall be included.

    • Cases shall be easy to open.

    • Batteries should be replaceable.

    • Special tools are allowed only for darn good reasons.

    • Profiting by selling expensive special tools is wrong and not making special tools available is even worse.

    • Torx is OK; tamperproof is rarely OK.

    • Components, not entire sub-assemblies, shall be replaceable.

    • Consumables, like fuses and filters, shall be easy to access.

    • Circuit boards shall be commented.

    • Power from USB is good; power from proprietary power adapters is bad.

    • Standard connecters shall have pinouts defined.

    • If it snaps shut, it shall snap open.

    • Screws better than glues.

    • Docs and drivers shall have permalinks and shall reside for all perpetuity at archive.org.

    • Ease of repair shall be a design ideal, not an afterthought.

    • Metric or standard, not both.

    • Schematics shall be included.

  7. A Portrait of Eliane Radigue

  8. Zizek on Cultural Capitalism

  10. iamdanw:

    Map Survey (1965) (by British Pathé)